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4th meeting in Hungary




28th November –02nd December 2011 Dömsöd


11. 28. Monday         

7:30-               Breakfast at the hotel

9:00                Dömsöd: Bencze Istvánt our mayor welcomes the delegations     

OMK: (Educational and Cultural Centre) Local exhibition                       

Look at the primary school’s classrooms

11:00-12:00    Little lunch: on us                

13:00              Sight-seeing:  Petőfi Museum, Petőfi tree, Reformed Church     

15:00              Széchenyi elementary school                                                

Sport Hall: Surprise program for everybody

18:30              Welcome program in our OMK: (Educational and Cultural Centre)                    

Dinner is on us: wine and cheese party J

10:00              Back to the hotel       


11. 29. Tuesday                                                                                                         

7:30-               Breakfast                   

8:00                Off we go to Budapest:        

9:30                Parliament:                           

                        Ethnographic museum:          

                        Mátyás church, Fishermen Castle, Marzipan Museum      


Free time

Hero’s square            

19:00-20:00    Ráckeve: dinner                    

WELLNESS until 23:00 free


11. 30. Wednesday

7:30-               Breakfast

9:00-10:00      Ráckeve, open air market                

10:00-12:00    Churches: catholic, Serbian,                            

12:00              Lunch: on us

13:00               Savoyai castle                                  

16:00              Cultural House: Kéve folk dance group      


17:30              Seminary  

                        Presentations:           City                           

20:00              Dinner:                      

WELLNESS until 23:00 free


12. 01. Thursday:                                                                

7:30-               Breakfast                                                      

8:00                Varga ranch: horse program, lunch, Gypsy music:

15:00              OMK  -          craft program

18:30              Dinner: on us  

20:00              Program: this is the way we see you (booklet)



12.02. Friday                                                                                               

7:30-               Breakfast

9:00                Presentations:           writers                                                                                 

12:00-             Free time, WELLNESS                    

Say goodbye. 


History of Dömsöd


The two villages Dömsöd and Dab were united on 1st January in 1938 and named Dömsöd. We know a few details about Dab from 1313. The Sáry family is the landholder in 1453. The village wasn’t swept away during the Turkish rule.

The reformed church was set up in 1852. The town has its seal since 1686.

There were 29 unit of land held in villeinage in 1720. The reformed church was built in 1803 and it had many valuable devotional objects. That time Hungarians lived here.

In the last century István Nagy Pest county recorder created a wide spread fruit-bearing. Some of them still exist by taking care of the last followers.

At the turn off the century the owner of the big estate were the Ráday, the Boemelburg and the Papp family. The 1271 document mentions the town’s name as “Gumshud”. Some research says it comes from the fruit word – Hungarian name gyümölcs.

From the 14th century it was the queens’ property.

During the Turkish occupation of Hungary the people suffered o lot.

The World War I and the World War II killed many men. The village could stay remain because of the excellent quality of land and the animal keeping.

 In 1949-50 an agricultural cooperating started. It rearranged the ownership. It made the little and the medium landowners penniless. This process got stronger after defeating the 1956 revolution. After 1960 became a strong agricultural cooperating system. They incorporated in1970 and pick up the name:  Dózsa TSZ. They were very successful and received national appreciation.

The technical infrastructure picks up speed in 1990s.

In the last 1,5 decades the inhabitants are able to heat their houses with natural gas.

We love our little village that lies next to the beautiful big river: Danube.